Month: May 2018

Being environmentally friendly is very important for individuals and organisations alike. People go to great lengths to emphasise their commitments to the environment, and there is no better way to highlight this message than in a corporate event celebration where awards are given out. Since organisations want to emphasise their eco friendly credentials they are increasingly opting for awards that are manufactured using sustainable materials. This is becoming a booming business with new an innovative additions being added very frequently. Let\’s look at some of the most commonly used material for these award creations.

3D printing

Organizations are now able to use this great technology to print almost anything. And it is helping the trophy suppliers industry as well to create sustainable designs. Some organizations use eco plastic or recycled plastic as the material while others use a plastic that is derived from corn starch or sugar cane both which is biodegradable. Other plant based plastics and oil based plastics are making huge waves in the industry. Experts state that the material is flexible and uses less time to print reducing the energy costs as well.Wood

This has been a popular choice even before the sustainability drive took importance. Manufacturers now use wood from sustainable forests or use recycled wood from discarded material to create beautiful one of a kind awards. It is a good idea to use material that represents the industries for which the awards are made for. For an example the fisheries industry can use reclaimed wood from an old ship to create beautifully sculpted awards that are unique while also representing what their industry stands for. Some organizations use water jet technology to beautifully craft these reclaimed wood in to artistically created awards that are truly unique.


Waste material such as plastic which is causing a huge concern for the environment is also recycled and made in to beautiful awards. Trophy shop Sydney owners now actively manufacture and market these items for awards and it is creating a huge demand. From plastic bottles to boots are now being recycled and re used for these creations. The material is flexible and the surface enables for embellishment and printing of letters and other design features which make them unique.

Off cuts and components

Some manufacturers use off cut material such as acrylic blocks to create wonderful creations. These materials which are otherwise discarded are now used in a purposeful manner. Computer parts and components are also hugely in demand creating unique recycled awards. They are perfect for awards ceremonies in the IT field.