Month: November 2016

The cards are an affordable and powerful promotion technique which every organization, whether it is big or small, can use to help grow their business. You should carry a few cards with you wherever you go, as you never know when you might get talking to someone when you’re out, that expresses an interest in your business.

How a business card must be designed?
Your business cards should be very precise but, let people know about you in way that they can contact you if they have any business interest for your organization; but there is also opportunity to add more than just your basic get in touch with information. As a side note here; I have seen wedding invitations NYC with a organization name, name and get in touch with information, but no indication of “what you do”, so if I was to look at the cards a few weeks later, I might have easily forgotten what your organization is, thus representation your company cards ineffective. In case name of your organization does not perfectly point out what your business is about, they add complete information under the name of your business to put off any misunderstanding.

What is the necessity of web address in a business card?
If you have a web page, then you should place the web address with in a prominent position on your business cards to encourage the recipient to check out your web page and find out further information about business.
Most of the cards are developed in landscape alignment by letterpress business cards, so to stand out, you could have yours developed in image format. You will need to be careful if you do choose an image, as there are a couple of issues which might affect this. Firstly, the form and alignment of the logo: if your company logo is quite long in form, then its dimension will have to be decreased to fit in the shorter space of a image credit cards. This could reduce the impact and effectiveness of your company logo. The nest cause is; contact information of some business can be very long and as you cannot divide them onto different lines, and then the dimension of font will decrease to perfectly fit on the business cards, therefore significantly decreasing its readability.

Points to be included in business card
Some points that can help in development of cards are mentioned below:-
•    Products and services must be included in business in a small list.
•    Mention tag line of your business including mission and vision of your organization.
•    A small path presentation if you have a physical office in any particular location.
•    Web addresses and offers you have for your new customers.