Month: September 2016

If you’re planning to launch a new product or service, you must be preparing for a huge event. You need the right kind of publicity, plenty of time and money, catering, and all sorts of little things that have to be organized. It can be a hectic time, so here’s a helpful checklist to get you on the right track.

First and foremost, establish the budget. Once this is sorted out, you can easily organize everything to meet the financial constraints. You can easily have a successful product launch without spending millions. Make sure to account for emergency or unexpected expenses. Leave about 10% of your budget for contingency.

Center your launch event around the product with a theme. Décor, menu, and venue will all need to fit in with this theme. If it’s a sports product, for example, you can theme the event around the sport. Make sure all this is in keeping with the guests, however. If your guests are primarily wealthy businessmen, you can’t exactly have hotdogs and crisps.

Speaking of guests, make sure you invite the right people. Depending on the event, you’ll need to invite investors, some members of the public, a few press representatives to cover the event, and company members. This is just as much a networking opportunity as it is a launch, so hire a good business card printing company to prepare something you can hand out in the process.

Venue and Catering
If you’re thinking of having a beach event, think again. Sand and wind do not make for a friendly environment, especially when there is food and drink around. An indoor event is best, so take care to find a place that is spacious enough for your guests. Most venues will provide catering as well, but check on liquor licensing and entertainment permits. Entertainment need not be a live band or DJ. Some smooth background music for an elegant event can be perfect to set the atmosphere for a classy product.

Marketing Campaign
Have an extensive social media and print campaign to advertise and hype the event. Build up the hype and perhaps an air of mystery or exclusivity from well before the event. Try to keep the campaign within the theme of the event. Even when you hire the custom stickers London company, the design should be in keeping with the theme.

Trials and Gifts
You have to make sure the guests don’t go home empty-handed. The event is meaningless without giving people a chance to try the product. If, for example, the product is a new energy drink, your menu could include various cocktails that incorporate the drink. Tech products can easily be tested out at a designated area, and this can be covered by the press. If possible, give your guests a gift in the form of samples or free trials of the product or services. Take these points into consideration when planning your event, but be ready to adapt too. Not everything will go according to plan, so make sure you have extra money and that you start early to avoid any major messes.